Smokey & The Mirror

Smokey & The Mirror is husband+wife duo Bryan and Bernice Hembree (Fayetteville, Arkansas).  The Hembrees spent 7 years touring nationally as members of folk/bluegrass trio 3 Penny Acre. Building on the critical success of 3 Penny Acre, Bryan and Bernice leaned back towards their early rock & roll, country, and R&B influences to create Smokey & The Mirror.

Smokey & The Mirror recorded a live albumwith long-time collaborator Daniel Walker (keys) in November of 2013.  The live album, released by Goose Creek Records, was recorded over three nights in three venues (Mucky Duck-Houston, Cactus Cafe-Austin, and The Blue Door-Oklahoma City).   In June 2014 they took the same spontaneous approachinto the studio. The Hembrees assembled a band(including Daniel Walker on keys, Terry Ware on guitar, Nooch Carnuccio on drums, and Travis Linville on lap steel) and entered Breathing Rhythm Studios in Norman, Oklahoma for a 3 day session.  The result is the new album “Thin Black Line”.   The album was tracked live to 2″ reel-to-reel tape.

Smokey & The Mirror tours constantly as a duo, and often as band including Ryan Pickop on drums, Terry Ware on guitar, Daniel Walker on keys.

The Hembrees are also co-founders of the Fayetteville Roots Festival in Fayetteville, Arkansas.


Fort Worth Blues

Ain’t No Grave