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Featuring Chef Michael Robertshaw

All Proceeds to Benefit Roots Festival-Brightwater Culinary Scholarship Fund

Open to the Public: Hours Saturday 10 am – 1 pm

Sponsored by Ozark Natural Foods, Requipstore, US Foods, Crystal Lake Farms and the Fayetteville Farmer’s Market



roasted local sweet corn, roasted local poblano crema, cojita, cilantro, radishes, aleppo pepper

market veggies…6
pickled, fermented and fresh vegetables with hummus

chips & salsa…5
organic blue corn chips, fresh farmer’s market pico de gallo


local heirloom tomato and watermelon salad…6/9
white river creamery feta, parsley, olive oil, lemon, grilled ozark natural bread sourdough

local peaches & greens…5/8
white river creamery chèvre, local basil, red onion, crispy local chicken skin, chive vinaigrette


red cabbage sla potato salad, tabouli

Something More

bulgogi chicken nachos…8
grilled local chicken, crack sauce, scallion, cilantro, shaved serrano, jack cheese

‘roots’ burger…10
local grass fed beef, smoked gouda, local green tomato chow chow
*add crispy dh farm pork belly…2

local beet relish, tzatziki, chile sauce, pickled local cucumbers, grilled cabbage, pita

seattle dog…7
griddled local beef dog, grilled local onions, white river creamery fromage blanc, pickled local jalapeño,
grilled cabbage, crack sauce, scallions

grilled cheese…6
ozark natural breads brioche, white river creamery cheeses, local heirloom tomato

pulled pork sammie…9
smoked dh farm pork shoulder, local peach bbq sauce, red cabbage slaw, chipotle mayo, ozark natural
breads kaiser roll

Fayetteville Farmer's Market

Ozark Natural Foods


Crystal Lake Farms