Listening Concerts at the Roots HQ on the Fayetteville Square.  

The Roots HQ is in a beautiful 1880’s building that was once home to Guisinger Music House (1925 to 1981).

Guisinger Music House was a full-service music store serving Fayetteville and Northwest Arkansas for decades.  Ronnie Hawkins and The Hawks bought strings from Guisinger.  Earl Cate (The Cate Brothers) bought a Fender Music Master guitar and Fender Harvard amp in 1959 and later traded them in at Guisinger for a 1963 Fender Jazzmaster and 1963 Fender Concert Amp.  Claudia Burson (UA Music Jazz Piano Professor) took piano lessons at Guisinger.  It was the musical hub of the community.  Roots is thrilled to return a musical purpose to the building.