About Chef Colin Stringer

Colin has spent the last decade in the kitchen. His early years consisted of doing dishes and flipping burgers at casual restaurants, but after exposure to fine dining modern techniques, he was hooked. He developed a chef trio with Andon Whitehorn and Jeremy Wolfe and created the pop-up Nani, a full time supper club that dove deep into the concepts of  locality, using wild ingredients and practices the chefs still adhere to today. After a year of booked out dinners and national accolades, the chefs closed Nani, and Stringer was approached by Day One Concepts owner Todd Woodruff to build a concept together. They quickly settled on Nonesuch, and spent several years developing the menu and space closely together. Since its opening, Nonesuch was named America’s Best New Restaurant by Bon App├ętit and continues to push culinary boundaries in Oklahoma City and beyond.