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Meals care packages for the music community are available for curbside pickup at the ROOTS HQ every week on Thursday from 12pm-5pm .  We are efforting to bridge the gap, to folks in the music community in need and trying to stretch their savings during these uncertain times.   Every meal care package we distribute is approximately $60 that a musician won’t have to spend on food for the week, helping them to stretch their savings.

A big thank you to the businesses and individuals who made donations  We are currently accepting both monetary donations and in-kind donations of items to include with the care packages.

Roots Meals for Musicians partners: Tyson Foods, Northwest Arkansas Council’s Regional Art Service Organization, The Pack Shack, Experience Fayetteville, Wood Stone Pizza, US Foods, Cooks Ventures, Ozark Beer, New Province Brewery, Berry Natural Juices, and many generous individual donors that have joined in to help our Roots Meals for Musician program. We are grateful for your support!

IMPACT(as of 9/17/20):
With the support of donations and grants from the music, business, culinary, and non-profit community as well as the generosity of individual donors, we are proud to have provided meals/care packages to over 120 unique musician households in Northwest Arkansas over the last 25 weeks. In total Roots has distributed over 13,240 servings via 1040 meals care packages. On a weekly basis, each care package representing approximately $60 that a musician doesn’t have to spend on groceries, stretching their savings during this uncertain time. On a collective basis, Roots has provided the equivalent of $66,200 in meals support.