Heathy Food is a Human Right

The food we feed musicians during the festival has become a hallmark of Fayetteville Roots Festival. It also extends to every facet of the festival and our organization. In the last 10 years, Fayetteville Roots Festival has become a MUSIC & FOOD festival and organization. The shared space of music and food has manifested in many ways: supporting local farmers and allocating a large portion of our food budget for local produce and protein, providing a platform for chefs to showcase their art form and craft on the same level that we do for musicians, providing peer-mentoring opportunities for national and local chefs to work together, educational opportunities for local high school and college culinary students to learn from the chefs of the festival, food programming for festival patrons and the community at-large, and support for and partnership with other food organizations across Northwest Arkansas (Fayetteville Farmers Market, Feed Communities, Appleseeds, Tri Cycle Farms, Food Loops, Brightwater Culinary School, and so many more). We believe that readily accessible, healthy food is a human right. Having a vibrant food system takes a lot of work, care, and thought. As a non-profit organization, we are trying to do our part to provide a platform for chefs, farmers, and a community all working to make the Northwest Arkansas food system accessible, fair, and inclusive to everyone.