The Preacher’s Son
Executive Chef

Chef Matthew Cooper is the Executive Chef of The Preacher’s Son and a true third generation preacher’s son. His father delivered one of his first sermons forty years ago right across the street from the restaurant at First United Methodist, Bentonville. Chef Cooper’s passion for food stems from the strong family environment in which he grew up in and the training he acquired over the years.

Chef Matt played a huge role as one of the first members to set a foundation for Ropeswing Group. He joined the hospitality group in January 2015, and opened The Preacher’s Son as the Executive Chef in 2016. He is passionate about creating a family atmosphere within The Preacher’s Son where everyone feels valued, and can learn and grow in a creative, team-oriented environment. He takes the same approach with his food. The Preacher’s Son is a completely gluten free kitchen as Chef Cooper has Celiac disease, which results in him accommodating all dietary restrictions.

“Relationships matter, and we approach our food program in a sustainable, locally-sourced way. I cultivate strong connections with our farmers and their families,” said Cooper. “We have a 100 percent food recovery program at The Preacher’s Son and strive to be as sustainable as possible.”

When not working, Cooper values time with Priscilla, his partner of close to 20 years; their daughter, Lillian; and two dogs. Living in Bentonville, he feels that both work and home families are a part of a community whose goal is to make a difference in the surrounding region—and the world. “In every respect, Bentonville is an amazing, growing, nurturing place to raise a family, and where you can connect with individuals and build relationships through The Preacher’s Son and the neighborhood.”


Roasted Cauliflower with Chimmichuri

Yield: pint- ish

chopped parsley 1 cup
chopped cilantro 1 cup
red wine vinegar 1/2 cup
olive oil(or neutral veg. oil) 1 cup
sea salt tt
red chili flake 1 tbl

Cooking Instructions:

mix all ingredients together in a bowl and taste for seasoning . adjust as needed adding more or less vinegar as you like.

 Roasted Cauliflower                         

cauliflower 1 head
chimichurri 4 oz or as much as you like
sea salt tt
nutritional yeast 1/2 cup or just be generous

Cooking Instructions:

take one head of cauliflower and cut down the middle so you have a little of the core on both sides. trim off just the leafy parts and leave the core attached. place on a baking sheet and drizzle with good quality olive oil and a touch of sea salt. Roast in the oven at 450 convection if possible until golden brown all over or even a touch black( this will caramelized the natural sugars in the cauli).

To finish the dish, when the cauliflower is ready remove from oven and garnish with chimi. evenly over the top. season with sea salt and generously top with nutritional yeast . enjoy immediately.