Few restaurateurs have what it takes to garner a Michelin star right out of the gate.

But that’s just what Sachin Chopra accomplished when he opened his first restaurant in California, All Spice.

The very personal restaurant is a reflection of his culture, training and forthright

approach to cooking. At All Spice, he is blazing a new trail in cuisine. He refuses to be hemmed in by categories; he wants his food to speak for itself. Although Indian by heritage, his food is not necessarily that. Although classically French trained, Sachin’s techniques are not defined solely in that manner, either. Instead, his style is modern, elegant and expressive, inspired by local ingredients, global flavors and his own spirited imagination.

He got his start working in kitchens in his native India, and then went on to graduate from

the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, NY. He honed his abilities working the line

at famed four-star Daniel in Manhattan, impressing Chef de Cuisine Alex Lee with his ability

to meld Indian flavors with French classics. Over many years working in New York City and then the San Francisco Bay Area, Sachin continued to develop his signature style: delicious, flavorful food made with integrity and served with artistic flair.

Throughout his career, Sachin has always been a forward-thinking chef never afraid to break

with conformity. All Spice is the culmination of all of Sachin’s experiences and the ultimate stage for his talents.