The Leaping Pig Charcuterie

Jules Carney started his journey into the art and ancient craft of Charcuterie in 2008 while attending a series of professional interest classes at L’Academie de Cuisine in Bethesda, MD., where he was primarily trained in traditional French charcuterie.  A spark was lit, and it soon led to a broader interest in how different cultures throughout the world preserved their food, especially meats.  Every culture takes a different path to flavors, textures and presentation when it comes to preserving raw food, but the underlying process is mostly the same – Salt and Time.  He is focusing on a new project developing private label charcuterie and working closely with small production farmers in Arkansas to develop outlets for their meat.  Jules served on the board of Natural State Food Coop and has been an Adjunct at Brightwater, Center for the study of food.