Miranda Kaiser went to culinary school in the UK and worked many culinary based jobs.

In 1988 she went to Israel for supposedly 3 months. There she met her husband Philip Kaiser who is from Tulsa. Just to make sure that she really loved him, she went backpacking around Europe, ran a kitchen for an English company in France for the summer, worked some crappy jobs in England and then came to the conclusion that she did in fact love him! So she went back to Israel where she worked quite a few culinary jobs, then they got married & opened the first Internet bar in Israel in downtown Jerusalem and had a couple of boy children.

In 2002 they came to live in Tulsa where they had another yet another boy & then opened Cosmo Cafe & Bar in 2004, which later moved to Brookside.

Because three boys and a restaurant wasn’t challenging enough, in 2012 they opened Laffa Medi-Eastern Bar & Restaurant which is located in Downtown Tulsa .

They are happy, exhausted & never opening another restaurant but truly enjoy what they do.

The End.